Two principles

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By The Trinity man becomes a dweller. By the contradiction he becomes an inhabitant. The dweller, empowered by The Trinity, will be as a son to the Father by being the crop sowed, cultivated and harvested, and he will see to it he, being harvested, becomes something of worth, as bread is of worth. He will owe his life to The Trinity and be a pride to The Lord. He who is an inhabitant, empowered as a help-meet to God, will think differently. He will think of himself as absolutely not God but united with God as if man was the wife of God. And he will be occupied with uniting the contradiction so that he can inhabit God.

According to The Story of the Creation contradictions can and shall be united in seven ways.


The first day heaven and earth was divided. We found our way out of the opposition by the light being lit, by which heaven rules and earth works.


The second day the waters were split, and the clouds in the sky were divided from the water on the earth. We found our way out of the opposition by the precipitation and the evaporation.


The third day the land was split from the ocean. We found our way out of the opposition by the growth, which grows on land but which is upheld by water.


The fourth day God let us find our way out of the opposition between day and night. We did so by the lights which were lit on the ceiling, confirming the light as such in three different ways.


The fifth day the fishes in the water and the fowls of the air were created. And we want to be fresh as the fish in the water, and we want to be free as the bird. We found our way out of the opposition the sixth day by the creation of the animals on the ground, symbolizing rationality.


Man was created the sixth day. By that a division was made between man and the rest of the creation. We found our way out of the opposition by letting the world suit and serve.


The seventh day the last division was fully understood, being the opposition of man and woman, both created the sixth day. We found our way out of the opposition by the creation of The Son.

Being by God, confirming God as help-meets, we will unite the oppositions we stand in. Making God valid, man and woman shall be one.

The streets in the centre of Trondheim were drawn in 1681 after a great fire. They were drawn by Major, later General, Caspar de Cicignon, born in Luxembourg.