The town square

In the middle of Munkegata we find the Torvet, the town square. In the middle of the town square there is a statue of king Olaf Tryggvason, the king founding Trondheim. He is famous for being the first Christian king of Norway. He put his life at stake, and died in a battle in the year 1000, for the sake of Christianising and uniting Norway. And so he is a symbol of responsability. The word of Jesus was, that seeds which are not sown will only be themselves, but seeds that are sown will become something. As seed Olaf Tryggvason became a harvest.

At summertime a little marked is put up in the town square. Fruit and vegetables are sold, often from local farms. The strawberries from the district of Tr√łndelag are especially sweet and are highly recommendable.